Meal swipes can be used to gain entry to Sparky’s Place, our all-you-care-to-eat facility, or as a meal exchange at the following participating retail locations:

The Warrior’s Den
Monica’s Kitchen
The Food Truck
The Merrimack Club
(Faculty and Staff only)

Click on each location for hours of operation, meal swipe options at our retail locations, and more!  


Commuter meal plans can be purchased online through our website with credit or debit, or at the Sparky’s register during regular hours of operation using credit, debit, cash or check.

Block plans expire after 365 days of inactivity. 
Commuter weekly meal plans expire at the end of each semester.
Residential weekly plans expire at the end of each academic year.
Please note: All sales are final and nontransferable.

Unused meal swipes from weekly meal plans are surrendered at the end of each week. 
Meal plans refresh on Sunday. 

Unused meal swipes from block plans will be forfeited after 365 days of inactivity from that meal plan.

Absolutely. Within Sparky's we have Simple Servings entrée station featuring menus prepared without 8 of the top 9 food allergens as stated by the FDA. We also have SimpleZone, a secured Gluten, Peanut and Tree nut Free pantry. If you need more assistance, have additional questions or want more information please contact our campus registered dietitian at

Explore Allergen Friendly Dining Information

Merrimack College recognizes there may be some students in the College community struggling with adequate access to food. If you would like to request meals, please email

Would you like to help those who are food insecure? Please visit our Food Security Initiatives page for more information.