Plan Options

Merrimack Dining Services provides an exciting and innovative dining program for the entire Merrimack community. You'll find great food, honest values, and a comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy it all! You have a variety of restaurants to choose from all conveniently located around campus. We have a variety of dining plans to fit your dining needs whether living on or off-campus. 

If you have questions about the meal plans offered, please explore our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at 

Food deliveries should NOT be made to addresses in our surrounding community or campus gates. Delivery services can deliver to your campus address. Please respect our neighbors and follow our community standards.

All resident students are automatically signed up for a meal plan. To view or change your meal plan, please visit your MyMack Portal. To see how many Warrior Dollars you have left please visit: If you have questions or concerns about your meal plan, please contact Merrimack College Residence Life. 

19 Plus

19 meals per week, $45 Dining Dollars, and $5 Dunkin' Dining Dollars

13 Plus

13 meals per week,$180 Dining Dollars, and $20 Dunkin' Dining Dollars

7 Meal Plan For students living in campus housing with kitchens or Royal Crest ONLY.

7 meal swipes per week,  $405 Dining Dollars, and $45 Dunkin' Dining Dollars 


Block plans are available to all commuter students. Block plans carry over from semester to semester and only expire when your relationship with the college is terminated. (I.e., graduated, withdrew, transferred, etc.)  If you start running low on meals you can add an additional meal plan at any point in the semester. 

All Meal Plan Prices are per semester.

Commuter 5 Meal Plan:  $775.00                                                   Buy Now

5 Meal swipes per week and $150 Dining Dollars

(Unused meals at the end of the week are surrendered.) 

Commuter 6 Meal Block:  $53.38                                                                  Buy Now                                                            

6 Meal Swipes per semester 

Commuter 10 Meal Block:  $87.25                                                               Buy Now


10 Meal Swipes per semester

Commuter 20 Meal Block:  $160.88                                                            Buy Now

20 Meal Swipes per semester 

Commuter 40 Meal Block: $310.75                                                             Buy Now

BEST VALUE! 40 Meal Swipes per semester

Faculty and Staff Meal Plans are provided by the college. 

Meal Plan Swipes & Dining Dollars

Merrimack College continues to enhance its campus dining program. After two years of making necessary adjustments to ensure students had dining options during COVID-19, we are pleased to again offer a fully on-campus dining program. Our dining program offers students a variety of dining location options and ways to access food options.

Students can use a meal plan swipe at the following locations:*

• Sparky’s - 15 different stations including pizza, pasta, salad bar, deli, the grill, Mongolian Grill, a  comfort station with a rotating menu offering daily, Simple Servings, our allergen-friendly offer, and a variety of dessert choices

• Warrior’s Den - includes hot grill options, sub connection, salad bar, smoothie bar, coffee and

assorted snacks.

• Merrimack Food Truck

• Monica's Kitchen

Students can use Dining Dollars at the following locations:*

• Sparky’s

• Warrior’s Den

• Merrimack Food Truck

• Monica's Kitchen

• Dunkin Donuts (10% of a meal plan Dining Dollars may be used at Dunkin' per semester)

Students and their families can once again supplement Dining Dollars by adding Warrior Dollars to their individual accounts. Warrior Dollars will be accepted at the following campus food venues and locations:

• Sparky’s

• Warrior’s Den

• Merrimack Food Truck

• Monica's Kitchen

• Dunkin’ Donuts in the MAC

• Campus Bookstore

• Campus Post Office

• Concessions at on-campus athletic events (excluding alcohol) Vending machines

• Kiwibot deliveries

Parents and families can add Warrior Dollars to their student’s Mack Card in the following ways:

1. Online via Transact: using a Mastercard or Visa to instantly add funds.

2. Mack Card Management Stations: located outside the Campus Post Office on the second floor of the Sakowich Campus Center and in the lobby of the McQuade Library. Mack Card Management Stations accept cash only.


The off-campus MackBuck program is no longer available (although it may temporarily appear on your account). Students have the opportunity to travel off campus or call for food delivery onto campus as they did prior to COVID-19.