Kiwibot Content

Meet Kiwibot

Kiwibot is a last-mile delivery service that uses cute little robots to communicate atoms within a community. A robotic fleet operated by Kiwibot ensures enough sustainable modes of accessibility for new users with new lifestyles and increased demands for hygiene, safety, and convenience.

Subscription Plans

Never Pay a Fee Again

  • Silver - $40.00 per semester
    Subscribe to the kiwiBOT - SILVER Delivery package for 15 free deliveries with $0 service fee.

  • Gold - $109.00 per semester
    Subscribe to the kiwiBOT - GOLD Delivery package for 40 free deliveries with $0 service fee.

  • Platinum - $159.00 per semester
    Subscribe to the kiwiBOT - PLATINUM Delivery package for 70 free deliveries with $0 service fee.

Unsure of Commiting?

  • A La Carte - $2.00 per delivery
    Try out a single delivery by paying a small delivery fee + service fee*!
    *10% Service Fee of Total order

Buy Your Delivery Package Today

  • Buy your Kiwibot package today on your Everyday app
  • Smash the hamburger navigation on the top left of your homepage
  • Click Subscriptions for more information

How it Works

  • Place your order in the Everyday app on your smartphone
  • The order is sent to your selected dining location
  • You are informed of that status
  • The robot collects your order and drives it to you!
  • Average time is 20 - 35 minutes depending on distance and peak times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Find the answers here or in the Frequently Asked Question link in the navigation.

Terms and Conditions

The Kiwibot Delivery package waives both delivery (normally $2.00 per order) and services fees (10% of basket total) for 15 Kiwi Robot deliveries per semester unless otherwise noted. You may use the plan during all operating hours and operating areas on campus with no daily limit.

This plan is non-transferrable, expires at the end of each semester, and credits do not carry-over.

The Kiwibot's Delivery Plan is optional and available for students, faculty, and staff to purchase. These plans are subject to prevailing tax rates.

Your chosen plan is accessible through the Everyday application, and is accepted for online purchases made through Everyday for participating merchants on campus.